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    Recruitment process

    • Picking up form
    • Filling out form
    • Preliminary test
    • Reexamination
    • Employment


    Interview Address:
    No.109 Jinxing Road, Suntown Industrial Park, Changsha, Hunan, China
    (near Shengtong Station, which can be accessed by bus lines 903, W117 and W207)

    The valid second-generation ID card and a black rollerball pen are necessary for the interview.
    Interview Result: Results will be announced within 3 working days;
    no reception of notification means the interviewee failed in the interview.

    Special Statements: SNTO does not charge any recruitment fees; SNTO is not liable to any charge made.
    Complaints Hotline: 0731-82852915
    [email protected]
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